About us

It was around 1995, I was doing something called "surfing the web" on this new thing called the internet.  There were no search engines back then but I found this banner that would show websites at random based on one's preselected interests.  Ultimately I wound up on a site for a nursery selling airplants.  I had never heard of such a thing and eventually would place a sample order for these plants that didn't grow in soil. Like so many when they first become aware of Tillandsias, I was totally intrigued by the amazing diversity of species, hybrids and locality forms.

I was also developing a rather serious interest in reptiles and various herps that were being sold at reptiles shows and swap meets.  I thought I could sell Tillandsias there and I did. I put many a mile on my old trusty van driving to the various reptile and  garden shows here in the heartland. Then along came eBay and ultimately a website. In 2011, selling tillandsias became my full time livelihood.

That first sample order came from Tillandsia International and we now sell their plants exclusively.  They have been growing some of the finest Tillandsias for over 40 years.  We ship thousands of their plants every month to the U.S. and around the world.